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About High Softies

We are mindful humans who are also athletes, creating products as minimalistic as we are. We feel that the world is changing, and not always for the better. Things move too fast. Products are disposable. Everyone is infront of a screen. Golf has always been a calm zen like activity, meant to be enjoyed in the peace and calm of nature. Not with portable speakers and beverage carts. 


Our products are little reminders of a mediative lifestyle. Calming forces to remind us each day to walk slowly, be present, and respect our planet. With the goal of creating and curating good things, so our customers can buy less often, and own things for a long time. 



High Softies was founded by Kate Machado and Mike Hannan. Mike and Kate share similar passions and beliefs. Be kind. Walk gently. Leave behind something better than before. Both agree there isn't a more enjoyable shot to pull off than a "high softie."

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